Schedule of Events

2017 Event Dates

CBRSD Futurity #1: June 23rd – 25th

Nanton Junior Rodeo #1: July 1st – 10:00am

NNR #1: July 1st – 7:00pm

 NNR #2: July 7th- 7:00pm

Nanton CGRA: July 8th and 9th

Nanton Junior Rodeo #2: July 15th – 10:00am

NNR #3: July 15th – 7:00pm

Nanton Junior Rodeo #3: July 16th – 10:00am

NNR #4: July 21st – 7:00pm

Nanton Ranch Rodeo: July 21st and 22nd

Canadian High School Rodeo Finals: July 27th – 29th

Nanton Junior Rodeo #4: August 5th – 10:00am

NNR #5: August 6th – 5:00pm

NNR #6: August 7th – 3:00pm (Finals)

Nanton Junior Rodeo #5: August 19th – 10:00am

Nanton Junior Rodeo #6: August 20th – 10:00am (Finals)

CBRSD Futurity #2: September 8th-10th








Jr Rodeo Series & NNR

Jr Rodeo Series 2017:

July 1st, July 15th and 16th, August 5th, August 19th and 20th. All rodeos are at the nanton Ag Grounds and begin at 10:00 am

You need to attend 4/6 rodeos to be eligible for prizes (4/5 if there is a rain-out)

Entries can be e-mailed to njrentries@gmail.com. If your e-mail has reached our inbox, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please include the following information in your entry: Contestant’s name, birthdate, address, home phone number and events you are wanting to enter.

Entries for our July 1st rodeo will be open from Monday, June 19th – Monday, June 26th. Phone-in entries are on Tuesday, June 27th from 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Phone Kateri at 403-601-0777

2017 events include:

Lead line barrels: 
Open to any age,for contestants who need to be assisted: $5 entry. This is a chance for kids to experience the rodeo atmosphere. There will be no payout for this event

7 and under:  Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tail Untying
8-10: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping
11-13:Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping
14-16:Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping
Team roping: Open (16 and under)

Entry Fees:
$35 membership
$15 per timed event
$20 per stock event
$5 Lead Line Barrels

Waivers can be signed at the first rodeo your child attends



details can be found on their website >> here <<


Booking & Riding Info

Our 2017 rental rates: $400/day $700/ 2 days $1000/ 3 days Includes tractor, P.A. system, electric eyes, office use, concession & bar open by NAGS volunteers.

Annual Riding Passes: $30/rider, $50/family Can be purchased at Cowboy Country Western Store. Here is an updated list of those who currently hold riding passes for the Ag grounds. A reminder to please purchase them before you ride:
Shantal Smith, Parrott Family, Andrea Chen, Kari Bloor, Trina Eskeland, Jessie Madsen, Jayden Crowe, Kayla McCoy, Graham Blake, Brooke Montrith, Hailey Stewart, Ogilvie Family, Woolsey Family, Kennedy Family, Kaitlyn Schlosser, Janet Stephen, Hailey and Ty Elliott, Oulton Family, Keenan Mackenzie, Kayley McAlllister, Amy Gillespie, Shannon Kingsmith, Scott Meston, Bird Family, Blake Schlosser Family, Jeff Sears Family, Heather Duthie, Phillips Family, Williams Family, Jim Burton Family, Shayna Jones
  • Please check the live calendar for arena updates. Arena will be closed if it is too wet or we are preparing for an event. Please abide by the signs. If the sign says the arena is closed, please do not ride in it. 
  • When working barrels, we ask that you reverse the pattern (begin your run from the south)
  • If you have been working barrels or poles, please use the hand rakes under the small red building to rake the ground around the barrels and poles, then put them back under the building
  • Please put all barrels and poles away when you are finished in the arena.
  • Please clean up after yourself (garbage, tape, horse hair, etc.)
  • If these rules are not Followed YOUR RIDING PASS MAY BE REVOKED!